In this article, I’ll discuss seven of the best cloud computing courses.

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1. Become a Cloud Developer Nanodegree (Udacity)

This is a project-based program and it’ll teach you the fundamentals of cloud development and deployment with Amazon Web Services. This Nanodegree will give you hands-on experience with:

  • building various apps leveraging microservices
  • Kubernetes clusters
  • serverless application technology

The sections that fall under this Nanodegree are:

  • Cloud Foundations
  • Full Stack Apps on AWS
  • Monolith to Microservices at Scale
  • Develop and Deploy a Serverless App

2. Become a Cloud Developer Nanodegree using Microsoft Azure (Udacity)

This project-based program will give you hands-on experience with deploying, building, migrating, and monitoring applications on Microsoft Azure. It can also help you prepare for Microsoft’s AZ-204 Azure Developer Associate Expert certification.

It contains the following sections:

  • Azure Applications
  • Azure Microservices
  • Azure Migration
  • Azure Performance

3. Become a Hybrid Cloud Engineer Nanodegree (Udacity)

A hybrid cloud is a computing environment that combines an on-premises datacenter with a public cloud, allowing data and applications to be shared between them. This Nanodegree gives you hands-on experience with designing and deploying hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications.

This Nanodegree has the following sections:

  • Modern Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • On-Premises Private Cloud Automation
  • Public and Hybrid Cloud Management

4. Cloud Computing Specialization (Coursera)

This specialization teaches you to build distributed and networked systems for clouds and big data. The following sections fall under it:

  • Cloud Computing Concepts, Part 1
  • Cloud Computing Concepts: Part 2
  • Cloud Computing Applications, Part 1: Cloud Systems and Infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing Applications, Part 2: Big Data and Applications in the Cloud
  • Cloud Networking
  • Cloud Computing Project

5. Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate (Coursera)

This program will teach you how to deploy infrastructure components such as networks, systems, and applications services with Google Cloud.

The sections that fall under it are:

  • Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
  • Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure: Foundation
  • Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure: Core Services
  • Elastic Google Cloud Infrastructure: Scaling and Automation
  • Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Foundations
  • Preparing for the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam

6. AWS Fundamentals Specialization (Coursera)

This specialization will increase your understanding of core AWS services, key AWS security concepts, strategies for migrating from on-premises to AWS, and basics of building serverless applications with AWS. You’ll also have opportunities to practice what you have learned by completing labs and exercises developed by AWS instructors.

The sections that fall under this specialization are:

  • AWS Cloud Technical Essentials
  • AWS Fundamentals: Addressing Security Risk
  • AWS Fundamentals: Migrating to the Cloud
  • AWS Fundamentals: Building Serverless Applications

7. Azure Fundamentals Learning Paths (Microsoft)

Azure fundamentals is a six-part series that teaches you basic cloud concepts, provides a streamlined overview of many Azure services, and guides you with hands-on exercises to deploy your very first services for free.

This series is split up into these learning paths.



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